Common Myths and Misconception About Food

Even though we eat food every day, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions around food. Even people who claim to be trained in nutrition still make these mistakes regarding food.

The Myths and Misconception

  • Only refined sugar is bad for health: While it is true that refined sugar has bad effects on health, even natural sugars such as the ones in fruits can cause a rise in blood sugar if taken in large quantities.
  • Fat is bad: Not all fats are harmful to health. Monosaturated fats, like the ones in nuts, coconut and olive are actually good in promoting health.
  • Vegetables must be bland: For a long time, people imagined that vegetables must be steamed or cooked in ways that do not add a lot of taste. There are many interesting ways to cook vegetables that enrich them in taste and texture.
  • Proteins guarantee bigger muscles: This myth is mostly pushed by gym instructors and people who sell protein powders. The reality is that you need a mix of all food products for you to have strong muscles. Eating more than necessary proteins will not build your muscles.
  • Eight glasses of water is the ideal number: The eight glasses per day is not cast on stones. Drink water depending on your level of activity, age, and weather conditions. Try to stay hydrated as much as possible, but do not panic when you go below or over the eight glasses.

Keep doing research on the choices you are making about food, and avoid falling for fads.